We work with leaders of commercial organisations that care deeply about protecting their reputation and enhancing shareholder value.

Backed with relevant international experience and knowledge, we personally lead all our projects, finding the most effective contemporary solutions to meet your needs and expectations.

If this interests you, let’s explore and share thoughts on the opportunities available to you in a 30 minute call. Note, this is not our sales pitch.


The Five Pillars of Responsible Business

We help organisations protect and enhance their reputation, value and competitive advantage by strengthening the Five Pillars of Responsible Business ©. Depending on the diverse needs, issues and risks our clients are facing, we work across all five pillars or focus on the specific pillars which are causing concern.

Engaging stakeholders

Thoroughly understanding and engaging with all stakeholders and averting surprises.

Robust governance

Fully identifying and effectively managing reputational and non-financial risk.

Authentic leadership

Fostering a culture of integrity with transparency and building trust throughout the organisation.


Caring culture

Caring for people, society and environment; going beyond compliance to eliminate harm.

Building resilience

Having the capability to protect reputation by responding effectively in any crisis.



How we do it

We have first-hand experience of what can work in organisations and what reputational success and failure looks and feels like.

We prefer to partner with clients to achieve success through a respectful process of optimising systems and culturalising behaviours. We frequently mentor and coach individuals and teams to help them achieve their goals including delivering advanced experiential training programs. We are uncompromising in our dedication to our clients and their success. 



Who we are

Frank Rose and John Anderson have been professional colleagues for more than twenty years.

We have been involved in senior management facing the challenges of working ethically, without harm, avoiding surprises and limiting damage to reputation when it all goes wrong. As we explored today’s challenges of Responsible Business we realise our skills and experience are complementary. The opportunity to work together enables us to help organisations strengthen and protect their reputation.



Who we work with

We typically work with organisations who are looking for more ways of improving value, building competitive advantage and protecting their reputation.

Invariably they value their reputation but are not always sure they have done enough to protect it from catastrophic incidents. Frequently they are growing in emerging markets but not completely certain about their exposure to reputational risks. Many are striving to continuously build capability and behaviours to deal with today’s risks to reputation.

We partner with leaders at all levels who are accountable for delivering value and protecting reputation. We are adaptable, work globally and have extensive international and multi-cultural experience.

The following projects demonstrate the types of organisations and projects we work with whilst illustrating the value we can bring.